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Terms & Conditions

1. The Company – The Online Store

The present Terms govern the sale of products and services by the Company named “TANPIRE” and with the distinctive title “Tanpire IKE” (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, “We”, “Us”), located in Glyfada, Attica, at 67 Daskaroli Street, with telephone number +30 213 044 9422, (Registration Number in the Greek Business Registry 169913501000 and email info@tanpire.comwith VAT Number 802098611 / Tax Office of Glyfada).
The Company, through its website (hereinafter the “Online Store”), provides general informational material regarding its corporate identity, products, and activities. Concurrently, this website serves as the Company’s primary means of internet communication with the public for the products it trades (hereinafter the “Goods”). The Company is active in the field of e-commerce and specifically trades and sells beauty and skin care products – cosmetics (hereinafter the “Goods/Goods”), which are sourced from third-party businesses. The Online Store is owned by the Company, which is the administrator of the Online Store. The Company hereby declares that the Online Store operates legally, in accordance with current legislation.

2. Users of the Online Store

2.1. You are invited to carefully read these Transaction Terms and Terms of Use (including the Privacy Policy) before navigating the Online Store and before proceeding with any order and purchase of Goods. By registering/using/visiting and generally accessing the Online Store, you unconditionally acknowledge and accept that you have read, understood, and agree, without any limitation, condition, or reservation, to be bound by these Terms of Use – Transactions. If you do not agree and do not accept these terms, you are obliged to refrain from using the Online Store and from any transaction with the Online Store. Your use and navigation of the Online Store implies your explicit and unconditional acceptance of this Agreement and all its terms.


2.2. Whether you are registered or not in the Online Store, you are considered as a User of the Online Store. You are considered as a Registered User when you register in the Online Store with the purpose of using the Services of the Company.


2.3. By accepting these Transaction Terms, you guarantee that you are over eighteen (18) years old and that you have the legal capacity to contract and engage according to the current legislation. If you do not meet the above conditions, you are prohibited from using our services, otherwise, you are obliged to use our Services exclusively under the guidance of a parent or guardian. In this latter case, the Company reserves the right to demand any orders from the supervising parent or guardian.

3. Reservations

3.1. The Goods sold through the Online Store are intended exclusively for your purchase and personal use. It is expressly forbidden to resell products purchased from the Company. Violation of the above obligation creates liability for compensation on your part.


3.2. The Company makes every possible effort regarding the quality, completeness, and validity of the information presented in the Online Store, subject to any technical or typographical errors that cannot be foreseen or have occurred involuntarily, or subject to interruptions in the operation of the Online Store for reasons beyond the Company’s control. The Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for reasons including but not limited to force majeure, technical problems, lack of internet coverage, internet overload, internet connection disruption, failure to send or receive messages due to lack of available space.


3.3. In the spirit of good faith, the Company is not responsible and is not bound for any errors in characteristics and photos of the Goods and reserves the right to correct any errors or to change or update the page at any time without prior notice. If the Goods do not meet your expectations, you can return them to us in accordance with the Company’s return policy, which is regulated in the present under 12.

4. Your Order

4.1. To place your order through the Online Store, it is required (a) to fill out a special-order form with the necessary details for the conclusion of the sales contract and (b) to unconditionally accept (actively) the terms of the sales contract – these terms of use and the privacy policy by electronically selecting “I Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” provided by the website. The entirety of the data sent by you to the Company, for the correctness and legality of which you are entirely responsible, as our Company only becomes aware of it through your declaration, falls under the strict policy of protecting your personal data, maintained by the Company and collected and processed with complete security and care, and only after your written explicit consent, which is provided by sending the above form and your active acceptance of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy as above.

5. Submission of an Order Request

5.1.1. You can navigate the Online Store, freely select the Goods of your choice within the Online Store and place them in your shopping cart. Then, after completing your purchases, by following the “steps” indicated each time, you will proceed to submit your order request to the Company by filling in all your personal details requested in the corresponding registration form, if you are registering for the first time, or by entering your access code for each subsequent purchase in the Online Store. If you wish to modify your personal details, you will be given the opportunity to do so electronically each time from the “My Account” field at the stage of completing your purchases. For any errors in the electronic handling before assigning your order to the Company, you will be provided with the opportunity to point out and correct them by directly contacting the Company’s Customer Service at +30 213 044 9422 (local charge), [contact hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 – 18:00 Greece Time] – (excluding official public holidays in Greece).


With the submission of your order request, an automated message appears on your screens containing the details of the order request that the Company will receive, which is then electronically sent to the email address you have provided. All your requests are received by us subject to the availability check of the Goods included in your order request (which check is carried out after the commencement of the processing stage following your request). At the stage of receiving your request and the automatic display of the contents of your order request, the processing of your request by the Company has not yet begun and does not constitute acceptance of your proposal for purchase. The acceptance of the proposal for purchase will only be concluded upon the declaration of acceptance of the proposal, from the Company, which will be sent with a separate electronic message confirming the order and shipment confirmation as below in 5.2.


5.1.2. If you wish and choose, the above submission of an order can also be made by phone at our Company’s Customer Service at +30 213 044 9422 (local charge), [contact hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 – 18:00 Greece Time] – (excluding official public holidays in Greece).

5.2. Order Request Processing

5.2.1. After sending your order request, you will immediately receive, and no later than the next business day, a message to your email address regarding the confirmation of your order, which will include all the details of the order (Order Number, Products, Quantity, Price, Billing and Shipping Details, Shipping Cost, etc.). The dispatch of the Goods will be carried out based on the delivery schedule of our cooperating courier company as specified below under 9.


5.2.2. Our Company may contact you via email, SMS message, or a call to the mobile phone number you have provided during your registration throughout the entire period until the delivery of your order to you for any issue regarding the receipt, processing, execution, and/or transport of your order and/or payment and/or return of the products or for any other matter. The parties agree that this communication (via email and/or SMS message to the mobile phone number you have provided or by contacting the landline or mobile phone number you have provided) covers all legal requirements of written notification to you, wherever and whenever the law requires it.


5.2.3. The invoice/receipt will be included in your order upon receipt of the ordered Goods. It is important to note that your order may be delayed for the following reasons:


  • Due to extreme weather conditions or strikes and in cases of force majeure, which may affect the transportation and delivery of your order. In such cases, the Company will immediately contact you, either by phone or via email, to confirm if you still wish to proceed with your order.
  • In case it is impossible to contact you via phone or email (if, for example, there is a problem with the order, either related to the product or the payment) because the details you have entered are not correctly recorded or updated.

For any information regarding the process of your order, please contact our Company’s Customer Service at +30 213 044 9422 (local charge), [contact hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 – 18:00 Greece Time] – (excluding official public holidays in Greece).

6. Prices

6.1. The prices listed next to each Good include VAT, as determined from time to time. Before submitting your order, you hereby declare and accept according to the term 5 above, that you have been informed of the following:


  • The listed prices of the various Goods displayed on the pages of the Online Store include VAT.
  • We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice to you. Any modification of the price of the ordered Goods from the time of ordering until their delivery does not bind you to the modified price. In this last case, you will pay the price that was listed at the time of the order.

6.2. The Company, in good faith, is not responsible and is not bound for any errors in the prices of the Goods listed in the Online Store and cannot guarantee that there will be no errors from any cause during the entry and/or updating of prices.


6.3. Our Company follows a free pricing policy based on its commercial strategy, always within the framework of the applicable legislation, especially the provisions regarding the protection of competition (fair and unfair). Therefore, there may be a difference in the prices of Goods sold in the Online Store from similar products sold at other points of sale, especially since our Company occasionally offers product promotions or other promotional activities whenever it deems necessary. Also, the Company reserves the right, and you accept, to modify the listed prices and to change and/or withdraw offers at any time with or without prior notice to you.

7. Payment

For the purchase of Goods, the Company accepts payments through (a) credit/debit card, (b) Viva Wallet, (c) Paypal, (d) Klarna, and (e) Google Pay / Apple Pay. Exceptionally and exclusively for purchases of Goods WITHIN Greece, the Company also accepts payments via (z) deposit into a bank account. For details regarding the above payment options and the process followed for each choice, please click here.

8. Security of Commercial Transactions

8.1. The Company recognizes the significance of data and transaction security and has therefore taken all necessary measures to ensure their safety. The Online Store protects you from any data interception with the method of data decryption using the SSL (SecureSocketsLayer – at the moment: Digicert) protocol for secure online commercial transactions.

8.2. Personal information is encrypted and secured with a 256-bit SSL connection to prevent breaches, reading, access, and processing of this information by unauthorized individuals. The SSL (SecureSocketsLayer – at the moment: Digicert) protocol is currently the global standard on the internet for authenticating websites to internet users and for encrypting information between internet users and web servers. Encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, thus protecting personal information during their transfer. Additionally, all information sent with the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether the data has been altered during transfer.

8.3. However, the Company cannot guarantee the success of the above effort, as sending confidential information via email services is not the most secure method of transmission, as it involves risks of reading this information by unauthorized third parties.

8.4. The Company does not have access to your banking data and does not store information related to your bank or credit/debit card. Therefore, you are requested to enter your payment details in each order you place with us.

8.5. The Company will not be responsible for any damage (direct or indirect – actual, consequential) from illegal or unauthorized use of your card.

8.6. The Company will not be liable for any damage caused to your computer equipment by viruses, worms, spyware programs, or other similar during your connection to the Online Store. Please ensure that you have anti-virus software, firewalls, and that other computer protection programs are updated.

9. Delivery of Goods

9.1. The Company conducts deliveries both within and outside the Greek territory. For details regarding the delivery of Goods and the time required based on destination, please click here. Please ensure that the address you enter is correct.


9.2. The delivery of the Goods will be carried out by cooperating courier companies (indicatively, DHL Global Forwarding Greece S.A.) during working hours and days (contact hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 – 18:00 – Greek Time), to whom the Company forwards your personal details, such as full name and delivery address, to facilitate the delivery and execution of orders. When completing the special order form, you are called upon to actively accept (via action/electronic selection) the Online Store’s Privacy Policy by selecting “I Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy,” access to which you will have before accepting its content by selecting the relevant available link (By the above selection, you unreservedly consent to the forwarding of your personal details and data for the purpose of shipping the ordered Goods).


9.3. The Company and its associates take all necessary measures for the timely delivery to you of the Goods you have ordered, based on the above schedule. Upon handing over your order to the respective courier partner, you will be sent a relevant message to the email address and/or mobile phone number you have provided, informing you about the delivery of the ordered Goods to the courier and the delivery schedule to you. However, it is noted that any delivery schedule set is only indicative. The Company is not responsible for any delays due to force majeure or events beyond its control. Indicatively, it is not responsible for causes of delivery delay due to customs delays, intermediate loading-unloading spaces, transport strikes, or other types of strikes affecting the delivery of products to our Company’s warehouses from our suppliers, etc. In the event of any delays, the Company will make every effort to contact you at the details you have provided to inform you accordingly and to arrange with you for a new delivery or the delivery of another Good.


9.4. Please enter a delivery address where you, or an authorized recipient, will be present during working hours, such as your workplace. If neither you nor an authorized recipient is available to receive and sign the order at the delivery location, you will be informed via a note left in your mailbox, and you will be notified where you can collect the sent packages/goods. Specifically, if you choose to pay with a credit/debit card, either you must be present at the time of delivery with your ID, or an authorized cardholder must be present with their ID. In the case of orders made in the name and account of a Company, then either the legal representative of the Company must be present with their ID, or a duly authorized employee of the Company with their ID. In cases where the order is made in the name and account of a Company, then the credit/debit card used should be corporate. That is, it must be issued in the name of the respective Company. Also, during delivery, the authorized cardholder must be present with the credit card and their ID. Otherwise, you will be informed via a note left in your mailbox, and you will be notified where you can collect the sent packages/goods. In cases where packages/goods are returned to the Company due to non-receipt by you or due to the declaration of an incorrect address, the Company will refund the payment but not the shipping costs.

10. Ownership of Goods

Our Company retains ownership of the Goods you select until the full payment required for their purchase has been made, provided that such payment has taken place. If the Company proceeds with any refunds to you, under the detailed terms and conditions outlined below under 12, the ownership of the Goods is transferred back to our Company.

11. Risk of Loss

The risk of the Goods transfers to you from the moment you receive them.

12. Withdrawal Policy – Return of Goods – Defective Goods

For the Withdrawal Policy (before/after Receipt of Goods), Defective Goods, and the Return Process of Goods in all the above cases, please click here.

13. Intellectual Property Rights

13.1. The content of the Electronic Store is covered by the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Company. All trademarks, product names, logos, slogans, scripts, domain names, graphics, photographs, videos, diagrams, illustrations, and other distinctive features, regardless of how they appear on this website, are the exclusive property of the Company. These features are protected by absolute intellectual and industrial property rights of the rightful holders regarding their design, formation, composition, and any other characteristic susceptible to protection.


13.2. Any use, mixing, adjustment, or adaptation of them in a manner offensive or derogatory to the depicted products is not permitted. The Company bears no responsibility for any alteration caused to all the above elements without its own fault. The Company respects the intellectual/industrial property rights of third parties. If you find that a third-party intellectual property product has been illegally copied and made available on this website, please contact the Company immediately at +30 213 044 9422 (local charge), [communication hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00, Greek Time] – (excluding public holidays in Greece) or via e-mail at [email protected].


(a) specifying the intellectual/industrial property product that you believe has been unlawfully used,


(b) identifying the location on this website where the specific material has been posted, while requesting its removal,


(c) providing your full name and contact details, so that the Company can contact you,


(d) declaring that you are acting in good faith and adhering to transactional ethics,


(e) stating that you have the authority to proceed with such an action or have been legally authorized by the real owner of the intellectual work, and


(f) signing (in writing or electronically) your relevant statement.
The address and other details of the Company are Tel.: +30 213 044 9422, e-mail: [email protected], and Address: Daskaroli 67, Glyfada.


13.3. is prohibited, without prior written permission from the Company, to use (both personal and commercial), alter, destroy, modify, or limit the Company’s trademarks, distinctive marks, as well as all photographs and videos available in the Electronic Store, intellectual property rights, and even the indications and general characteristics of the Merchandise, regardless of whether they are protected by absolute and exclusive rights.


13.4. Also prohibited, without prior written permission from the Company, is any full or partial copying, imitation, sale, resale, detachment, confusion, misinterpretation, modification, republication, reproduction, transfer, or any other form of commercial or private exploitation of elements of the content of this Electronic Store. No element mentioned or implied in the Electronic Store grants the user any kind of license to use the trademarks or products covered by intellectual and industrial property law. To obtain permission from the Company for the use of certain elements of this Electronic Store, please send a relevant request via email to [email protected].


13.5. Non-compliance with the above instructions entitles the Company to prevent any future access to the Electronic Store and to exercise any legal right it possesses. You are also prohibited from altering or distorting the security settings, architecture, or layout of the website or causing any interference of any nature in its use or technical operating specifications.


13.6. The Company grants you a limited, irrevocable, and non-exclusive license to access the Electronic Store but not for the mechanical downloading (download) of its elements or its conversion, any exploitation (primary and secondary) of the Electronic Store and its content, any collection and use of the products listed in it, as well as any mechanical downloading (download) or copying of account information of registered users for the benefit of another company.

14. Rights, Obligations, and Your Liability – Company’s Liability Limitation

14.1. You understand and accept that the entirety of the pages and/or information provided to you reflects the current state of the Company and its activities “as is” now of your visit.


14.2. The use of the Electronic Store must be exclusively for lawful purposes and in a manner that does not limit or hinder its use by third parties. You are obliged to act according to the law, good faith, good business practices, and the economic and social purpose of your right. Concurrently, you are obligated not to engage in actions or omissions that can cause damage or dysfunction to the Electronic Store or alter its content. You unequivocally agree to refrain from any action that could violate the security system of this website, such as accessing data intended for exclusive use by the Company, accessing a registered user’s account, attempting to check the security system’s vulnerability, forging security codes, or causing malfunctions in the smooth operation of the Electronic Store. Furthermore, you are solely responsible for all transactions made through or as a result of using the Electronic Store, as well as for the specific terms and conditions of conducting these transactions. If you intentionally or unintentionally violate any of the obligations set forth in these Terms (including the Privacy Policy), you will be liable for any damage caused to the Electronic Store, our partners, and suppliers, including legal expenses and attorney fees.


14.3. The Company does not guarantee that the pages, functions, options, and contents of the Electronic Store will be provided uninterrupted, technically adequate, error-free, and with immediate correction of any errors that may occur. The Company bears no responsibility, under any circumstances, even in the case of negligence, for any loss or damage (direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special) that the user may suffer due to exposure to offensive, misleading, or offensive content, access to, or incorrect, incomplete, or inappropriate use of this website. The Company is not responsible for analyzing the quality, poor performance, deletion, or inability to capture any data of itself and/or its users from and to this website. The user takes the initiative and has full and exclusive responsibility for the proper access and use of the information provided through this website.


14.4. It is noted that the Company does not provide any warranty, explicit or implied, regarding the suitability, perfection, accuracy, adequacy, completeness, and utilization of the information posted on the Electronic Store, which should not be considered as advice, encouragement, recommendation, or persuasion for specific actions.


(a) any reference to the Company’s activities or its general commercial policy does not constitute a sufficient criterion for undertaking any action with economic results or for proposing any contract formation,
(b) the informational material provided to users through the Electronic Store may not necessarily be accurate, and it may not be updated at the time of access or may have been altered or intervened by third parties without the knowledge or consent of the Company,
(c) you are called upon and expected to confirm the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of each piece of information you provide to the Electronic Store, and
(d) The Company hereby informs you that the availability of the Merchandise displayed on the website may become impossible, either wholly or partially, without the Company’s fault, either due to limitations in the production of the specific goods by its suppliers, or in case of cessation or alteration of the production of specific items. In every instance, you will be informed about the availability of the displayed Merchandise during working hours and days.


14.5. Given that the Company has entrusted a collaborating Company with the hosting of this Electronic Store, it does not control or guarantee the technical perfection, availability, integrity, or security of it, nor the use or access to its website. You are called upon and expected, at your responsibility, to take all necessary measures to protect the security and integrity of your systems. The Company does not guarantee that this website, made available to you, will not contain “viruses” or other harmful programs.


14.6. Any link of this website through specific links (links, hyperlinks, banners) with any other website does not imply the Company’s acceptance or assumption of any responsibility for the content of that website and the quality of the products or services presented there. The Company is not in a position to control the content, terms of use, the personal data protection policy, the quality, and reliability of the specific websites to which you access at your own risk. Referring to other websites is only for your convenience, without creating any obligation for you or the Company. In case any problem arises during your visit to other websites apart from this one, you acknowledge and accept that you need to address those websites, as they bear full responsibility for the above.

15. Personal Data Protection

15.1. To carry out any transaction through the Electronic Store or by phone and to place orders for the Company’s Merchandise, it will be necessary for you to disclose some personal data. To expressly consent and agree to the collection, recording in a file, and processing by the Company of your data related to your transactional relationship with the Company, its development, and your transaction history, within the framework of Laws 2472/1997, 3471/2006, 4624/2019, and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 issued by the European Parliament and the Council on April 27, 2016, you will be asked during the completion of your special order form, to accept (actively via action/electronic selection) the Privacy Policy of the Electronic Store with the electronic option “I Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy,” the content of which you will have access to before accepting its content by selecting the relevant available link.


15.2. Personal data are disclosed to the competent bank (e.g., credit card number) and ARE DELETED from our database immediately after the completion of your order, thus ensuring an even higher level of security.

16. Newsletters

Those who wish to receive informational, advertising, and promotional messages (newsletters) from the Electronic Store must either complete the registration application in the “Registration” section of the Electronic Store, filling in all the personal details requested in the corresponding registration form, or accept the above actions (promotional) by selecting the relevant field when sending your order. In this way, you become recipients of information (Newsletters, Press Releases, Promotional Actions) from the Company’s email service (email service). Receiving informational, advertising, and promotional messages (newsletters) from the Electronic Store is free and there are no further obligations or commitments. The Company reserves the right to reject any application and also to cancel any registration at any time, without explanation. The Company provides you with the option to unsubscribe from the list of recipients through the “Registration” and “My Account” sections of the Electronic Store. Your email addresses are used exclusively and only for this specific purpose and are deleted when you choose to unsubscribe from these services via an email message to the aforementioned email address. The Company reserves the right to selectively send the above messages among you to the service and/or to proceed with your possible deletion at its discretion.

17. Complaints

If you wish to express any complaint or grievance regarding the products or services of the Electronic Store, please contact the Customer Service Department of our Company at tel. +30 213 044 9422 (local charge), [contact hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 – 18:00 – Greece Time – (excluding official holidays in Greece)].

18. Applicable Law – Disputes

These terms and conditions, any modifications thereof, the rights and obligations of the Company and yourselves shall be governed and supplemented by Greek, EU legislation and relevant international conventions (explicitly excluding the Vienna Convention), as well as decisions and circulars of the involved official authorities. If any of these terms becomes contrary to existing legislation, it automatically ceases to be effective, without affecting the validity of the remaining terms. Any dispute arising from or related to the use of the website or the respective Contracts is subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek courts. Alternatively, extrajudicial settlement through the European Alternative Dispute Resolution Body is available by clicking here. This clause does not in any way affect your legal rights as a consumer.

19. Others

19.1. You fully recognize and agree that these Terms, including the Personal Data Protection Policy, constitute the complete and exclusive agreement between us regarding the use of the Electronic Store and participation in the Electronic Store’s purchasing process, replacing any previous proposal, agreement, or other communication. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to modify these terms at any time by posting changes on the Electronic Store. Any change produces legal effects from the moment it is posted on the electronic store. These terms are provided in Greek and English, currently the only available languages for communication with the Company’s administrators. Anything included in these Terms cannot be interpreted as establishing any form of corporate relationship or joint venture between us. The rights and means provided under these terms do not exclude any rights or means provided by law. The partial invalidity of this contract does not invalidate it in its entirety. In case any part of this contract is deemed invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, under a judicial decision or decision of another authority, it will not affect the contract, which will remain in effect for the rest of its parts. Wherever this contract refers to a refund or credit of money to your account, it is always interest-free. Any delay in exercising part or all of the rights arising from these terms by the parties (Company – consumer) does not result in the weakening or waiver of these rights, which can be exercised at any later stage at the reasonable discretion of the beneficiary, to the extent that they have not expired. The Company (not you) may transfer its rights and obligations to third parties without your consent/approval (except for personal data – refer to the relevant section in the Privacy Policy section).


19.2. For customers outside Greece, these terms fully apply. However, certain differences/notations are as follows:


  • Ensure you use a postal service that secures the quality of the returned Products and always receive a dispatch receipt. Carriers deliver parcels during normal business hours and may require a signature, so we suggest your order be delivered to a work address rather than a home address.
  • Any customs charge is levied when the order arrives in the country and must be paid by the order recipient. Since customs charges vary significantly from country to country, we suggest you contact your local customs office for more information. Customs charges may affect the delivery time of your package.
  • Please note that in case of national holidays in your country, deliveries will not be made according to the usual schedules. In this case, please wait for your order to arrive on the next working day.

20. Force Majeure

The Company is not responsible for any breach of these terms due to force majeure and for any delays caused by conditions beyond its control, such as, but not limited to, extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, floods, fires, emergency situations, destruction, strikes within or outside Greek territories, wars, terrorist acts, mechanical failures, and, in general, any incident that does not allow the proper execution of its obligations. The Company will take appropriate measures to fulfill its obligations within a reasonable time frame. If these incidents last more than 2 months, this contract may be terminated by any party without any right to compensation.

21. Modification of these Terms – Severability

21.1. The Company reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions of sale at any time. You will be subject to the sales terms in effect at the specific time you place an order for the Product(s), unless any change to these terms is required to be made by law or public authority (in which case it may apply to orders previously placed by you). The Company undertakes the obligation to update this text for any change or addition to the terms. If any provision of these terms is found to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, it will automatically cease to apply and be removed from this document, without in any way affecting the validity of the remaining terms.

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